FA compares Pep Guardiola to an ISIS supporter, Star of David to a swastika

Man City’s Pep Guardiola & ISIS supporters

One of the stories which has been swirling around for a few weeks is the issue of Pep Guardiola and his yellow ribbon.

The Manchester City boss has been sporting his yellow ribbon in support of Catalan independence.

But prior to the Carabao Cup final last weekend, the FA warned the Man City boss that the ribbon contravened FA rules about political symbols.

Risking a ban, Guardiola has continued to wear the ribbon on the sidelines.

On Sunday, FA chief executive Martin Glenn was speaking at the International FA Board meeting in Zurich, where he was drawn on the Guardiola-ribbon issue.

Glenn made some staggering statements about the issue. He compared the Man City boss to an ISIS supporter while also comparing the Star of David to a swastika.

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Martin Glenn on Man City’s Pep Guardiola

In an amazingly poor set of comments, the FA’s Martin Glenn said the following, as reported in the Times:

To be honest, and to be very clear, Pep Guardiola’s yellow ribbon is a political symbol, it’s a symbol of Catalan independence, and I can tell you there are many more Spaniards, non-Catalans, who are pissed off by it.

All we are doing is even-handedly applying the laws of the game. Poppies are not political symbols; that yellow ribbon is. Where do you draw the line — should we have someone with a Ukip badge, someone with an Isis badge?

We have re-written Law 4 of the game so that things like a poppy are OK but things that are going to be highly divisive, and that could be strong religious symbols, it could be the Star of David, it could the hammer and sickle, it could be a swastika . . . these are the things we don’t want.

Will the Man City boss be hit with a touchline ban? A decision could come on Monday on that issue.

Social media reaction to Martin Glenn’s comments are below.

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