Changes to the Champions League from 2018/2019 revealed by Gab Marcotti

The Chaaaaaaampions...
The Chaaaaaaampions…

Another Champions League revamp

Due to the financial power of the Premier League, which has really come into force this transfer window, changes have been mooted for some time to the Champions League.

It is believed that a number of the bigger clubs in Spain, Italy and Germany were keen to gain more money from the Champions League and also ensure their entry into the competition.

In addition, some English clubs, concerned they wouldn’t always make the top four, as happened to Manchester United last season, were also looking for guarantees into the Champions League.

Gab Marcotti reveals Champions League changes

On Monday morning, Times, ESPN, Corriere dello Sport and Sunday Herald columnist Gab Marcotti revealed the changes to the Champions League in two Tweets.

As it stands, these changes have not been confirmed by UEFA.

The four top leagues – presumably the Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga and Italy’s Serie A, will all have four guaranteed teams in the Champions League.

A kick in the teeth for France & Portugal

This will likely be a kick in the teeth for countries such as France and Portugal, who could well have lifted their individual coefficients to a place that allows them to compete with the Big Four leagues.

Marcotti also reveals that some big clubs were also pushing for wild card for historical merit, weekend games, co-ownership of competition.

Presumably it was Manchester United pushing for the wild card…

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