‘Bullied’ Bernardo Silva is egged by the Man City toilets

Bernardo Silva gets egged

A new video was posted on Fernandinho’s social media account on Tuesday featuring Man City’s Bernardo Silva as the patsy.

The video was shot inside Man City’s locker room.

Bernardo Silva, topless, was cornered next to the toilets with Edersen and Fernandinho stalking him.

It quickly became apparent what was going on as an egg was cracked on the Portuguese playmaker’s head by Fernandinho.

Is Silva getting bullied at Man City?

It’s a long standing observation from Man City fans that Bernardo Silva is ‘bullied’ at Man City.

In recent months a series of videos have appeared on social media of Silva ‘getting it’.

That’s included Silva being thrown into a pool with his clothes on. He’s had his shoes tied to the ceiling. Gabriel Jesus and Zinchenko have turned on Silva.

And the videos go on and on.

Is this all banter? Or something the club should be concerned about?

Man City are back in action on Wednesday night in the Champions League.

The Sky Blues take on Liverpool in the UCL quarterfinals first-leg at Anfield.

Sergio Aguero is the main doubt for City ahead of the midweek clash.

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