Andrea Pirlo slams Daily Mail on Instagram for making up interview trolling Man United

Andrea Pirlo and Paul Pogba
Andrea Pirlo and Paul Pogba

Daily Mail publish “interview” with Andrea Pirlo

Completely fabricating interviews with footballers is not something you expect from one of the biggest national newspaper in England.

Andrea Pirlo has revealed that the Daily Mail did exactly that when they published quotes from the legendary Italian midfielder mocking Manchester United for letting Paul Pogba leave on a free.

The Daily Mail quoted Pirlo saying the following: ‘On the first day training session Pogba had with Juventus the players were laughing,’

‘We were not laughing for any other reason than we were just in total disbelief that this player with so much obvious ability was able to leave a club the size of Manchester United for free — and I think Juventus are still laughing.

‘We were walking back to the dressing room after the session and I clearly remember Gianluigi Buffon coming up to me laughing and he just said: “Did they really let him go for free?”

‘They signed a player of his quality for no money, he was a big part of them winning trophies in four seasons, and they then sell him for £90m. Whatever way you look at it, Juventus have got a great deal.’ 

‘He is the best young player I have ever seen, and I don’t think we are far away from calling him the best player in the world. It has been between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for many years now, but football should get ready for a new king.

Pirlo takes to Instagram

Understandably angry at having words published in his name, Andrea Pirlo today took to Instagram to hit out at the Daily Mail.

The 37-year-old New York City FC star posted a photo which read “Caution: No bulls*** zone” and captioned the photo “Just to make it clear, I never gave any interview to the daily mail talking about Pogba and Manchester.”

How on earth are we supposed to take the Daily Mail seriously when they’re publishing extensive interviews which are completely fake?

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