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Zlatan the Conqueror on whether he can catch Diego Costa in new Man United interview

Zlatan the Conqueror

Once again, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has come out with a zinger, in a new interview with the Manchester United website.

Zlatan has told the Manchester United site that he has already “conquered England – it took me three months”.

The super Swedish striker missed Manchester United’s cup matches against Reading and Hull. Zlatan was rested for Reading and was expected to play in the EFL Cup, but missed out due to illness.

Zlatan is expected to return for Manchester United against Liverpool on Sunday.

Zlatan on Diego Costa

Zlatan has 13 Premier League goals this season. Chelsea striker Diego Costa has 14 goals.

Manchester United asked the Swede if he could catch Costa: “No, I’m not chasing anybody. I’m chasing the head trophy – the Premier League. That is my aim. The individual things come as part of the main objective because that is like a bonus for every individual player.”

Zlatan continued: “If the collective does well, then the individuals will do well. I try to help the team and try to do what I’m best at – scoring goals, playing good and creating chances for my team-mates. As long as I can do that, I know I will help my team. The same thing with them, they help me the way they can for the team. I have no individual targets because that I did already, after three months in England. After I conquered England – it took three months.”

Zlatan on United’s Premier League title chances

The Manchester United striker was also asked about Manchester United’s Premier League title chances: “We had our dips, our ups and downs when we were winning, losing, winning and losing. Lately, we have been winning, where we have been more stabilised as a team. The coach has found his base, which is not easy when you’re a new coach coming to a new team and want to put in your philosophy, your game and the way you want it to be.”

Zlatan said he expects continued improvement from Manchester United: “I said from the beginning – slowly, slowly, we will get better and everything was about the click. We needed to click as a team. Now you the see the identity of the team. We are finding each other but I think we can do much more and be much better. And we will do it – we are working hard for it.”

The super Swedish striker added: “The last one and a half months have shown the right way, the gap [at the top] has been bigger but now it’s better. So we are closer to that now. We wait for the other teams to have their dips, to make their mistakes, and we will be there. We will give them hard work until then because I think the second half of the season is the decisive one and that will decide. Whatever you want, wherever you will come, let’s see what we want. I know what we want. We want to show it.”