YouTuber breaks into Anfield & walks on the roof of Liverpool’s stadium (Video)

Trespassing at Anfield

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen YouTubers pull off this type of stunt.

Back in 2016, a couple of videos went viral as lads broke into West Ham’s London Stadium and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, where they proceeded to walk in the roofs of the grounds.

Now the concept has been revived by another YouTuber, named CassOnline, who has broken into Liverpool’s famed football ground: Anfield.

Whet did he say?

On his YouTube video, CassOnline has written the following description:

Ello Ello! A lot of you guy’s have been requesting a stadium sneak/climbing video for quite a while down in the comments (I see you guys!), so I took a coach down to Liverpool to climb their FC, Anfield.

Hope you guys enjoy the edit and please check out the artists responsible for the musical score in the video!

While many may find the video hugely entertaining, others will be fearful of what this video says about the security at one of England’s top grounds.