Xavi offers his thoughts on Real Madrid’s win over PSG


Former Barcelona player Xavi has paid Real Madrid a rather backhanded complement when talking about their win over PSG.

He noted that while Real Madrid may not have been the best to watch, or even deserved to win by such a big margin, the fact that they managed to do so anyway speaks volumes.

He noted that they just set out to win, and at home, they usually manage to do so.

“Madrid have something,” he said to So Foot.

“Against them, you can never lose your chance, otherwise they will punish you, but the worst thing is that they hurt the opponent with nothing.

“A counterattack was enough to take the victory… F**k

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“You almost think it’s an injustice that PSG lost by such a big margin because it was a game that should have ended 1-1, 2-2 or 2-1 for PSG.

“It’s inexplicable, Real Madrid didn’t play, but still won…

“I saw the broadcast on Spanish television with Valdano and he said something very true.

“In this match, there were several phases, very different from each other, and there was a moment in which PSG dominated clearly.

“During those siege minutes in the Madrid area, it was at that precise moment that PSG should have scored the second.

“Were Madrid superior to PSG? For me, no, but they don’t care if they are superior, if they dominate or are dominated,” he said.

“Their philosophy is simply to win.

“That is what makes them so difficult to play against in the [Estadio Santiago] Bernabeu, for example.”


Of course, all eyes were on Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo during the game, with many predicting this could be the tie that sees the changing of the guard in terms of Ronaldo and Neymar, with the Brazilian looking to win the Champions League and Ballon d’Or, however, during the game it became clear that was far from the case, with Ronaldo still managing to score twice and hand the advantage to his side – and Neymar just trying to show off according to many.

However, Xavi certainly didn’t agree, and typically put Neymar’s case forward.

He added: “They said that Cristiano was still better than Neymar.

“No, no, it’s unfair.

“What did Ronaldo do in the game, scored a penalty and a knee goal…

“But what about the dangerous situations created by Neymar? And the counterattacks that he launched, the fear that he sowed in Madrid?”

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