Marcelo Moreno Brazil

Why Bolivia’s Marcelo Moreno was part of Brazil’s team photo

Bolivia 0 – Brazil 0

Brazil were held to a goalless draw against Bolivia on Thursday night in a 2018 World Cup qualifier.

Bolivia are second bottom in the South American qualifiers with one match remaining.

As for Brazil, they have long secured their place in Russia next summer.

Neymar, Willian & Gabriel Jesus denied

The hero of the match was Bolivian goalie Carlos Lampe, who made a string of sublime stops to keep Brazil at bay.

Neymar, Willian, Paulinho and Gabriel Jesus all saw efforts saved by Lampe in the stalemate in La Paz.

As for Bolivia, Diego Bejarano crashed a shot against the Brazilian crossbar from 30-yards out.

Brazil can’t breathe

After the match some incredible pictures came out on social media of how the Brazil team recovered after the Bolivia game.

The Brazil players all needed to suck in oxygen after the match due to the high altitude.

Indeed, in Neymar’s Instagram update, he complained that it’s “inhuman to play in such conditions”.

Marcelo Moreno & Brazil

Yet, arguably the photo of the match came before the game had even started.

In one of the strangest sights, Bolivia’s Marcelo Moreno was part of the Brazilian team photo before the game kicked off.

What the hell?!

There was a good reason why this happened, however.

When he was a teenager, striker Marcelo Moreno used to play for Brazil, not Bolivia. Indeed, Moreno’s dad is Brazilian.

After the match, Marcelo Moreno revealed how he’d long planned to take a photo with the Brazil XI before a match. As reported in Globo, Marcelo Moreno explained how the unique photo came to pass:

The intention was to take this picture back at Christmas. 

I had arranged that with Neymar, but I did not have time. This time I did it. 

We arranged it correctly and it was very good for me. It’s a memory I will keep forever.

Comically, Moreno’s wife, Marilisy, uploaded the image onto her Instagram account. She wrote:

Hello, Tite! If you need him, China is very close to Russia!

Moreno plays for Wuhan Zall in the Chinese First Division.