West Ham fan jailed for murder

West Ham fan jailed for killing friend after Arsenal defeat

West Ham fan jailed for murder

West Ham fan Nigel Williams has been sentenced to five years in jail this week after he was found guilty of killing another man after the Hammers lost 5-1 to Arsenal.

The incident followed a match the London Stadium back on December 3, where Alexis Sanchez scored a hat-trick for the Gunners in a comfortable away win.

Following the match, Nigel Williams got into a drunken fight with his friend Mark Munday, which unfortunately lead to death.

Williams and Munday had known each other for 14 years.

So what happened?

The Independent have reported the following on what actually happened during the fight:

The single punch from Williams made Munday’s neck twist violently, causing an artery at the base of his skull to tear and resulting in a fatal haemorrhage.

Williams was heard to say: ““F*** me, f*** me. It’s been coming all day”.

Nigel Williams pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Mark Munday left behind three children.