Wes Morgan’s new Captain Morgan endorsement deal clauses are brilliant

Wes Morgan on the Captain Morgan label
Wes Morgan on the Captain Morgan label

Captain Morgan

Wes Morgan is set to become a brand ambassador for rum drink Captain Morgan and the Leicester City star has some hilarious clauses in his contract. He posted a photo of the comedy conditions on Twitter.

A rock at the back for Leicester during their title fairy-tale (less so now), Morgan’s image was on a limited edition bottle after they were crowned champions in May. Now he’s going to make a home for himself on that label. The Jamaica international thinks that it could be the best contract that he’s ever signed. It’s probably the most amusing.

The commitments from the brand

Morgan has legally agreed that he ‘shall be entitled to enter licensed premises and purchase a Captain & Cola beverage for each patron in attendance in accordance with the provisions…below.’

When he orders the drink, Morgan must ‘turn to face the patrons, extend his arms to form the shape of a “Y” and shout, “There’s only one Captain Morgan!” Anyone who is on the verge of drinking too much should be told ‘Only anchors go overboard. Please Drink Responsibly.’ We presume he’ll say this in the tone of a pirate. A few yars thrown in too.