Arsene Wenger pre Man City

Wenger Out Brigade will be livid with Times’ Backpage on Arsenal Board

Wenger In/Out

Arsenal were beaten 3-0 by Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park last night, on a night that was as depressing as it was predictable for Arsenal fans.

In a season of lows, it was a new low for the Wenger regime.

So of course, the Wenger Out Brigade are back out in full force, and the media is focusing in on Arsene’s future, and whether he’ll stay beyond this season.

The Arsenal board have reportedly tabled a new 2-year contract for Wenger, as his current deal runs out at the end of this season.

But he’s yet to put pen to paper, and sent a cryptic message a few weeks ago, insisting that he would definitely be managing next season – ‘whether that’s at Arsenal or somewhere else.’

Well, it seems an increasingly vocal majority want it to be somewhere else.

No announcement until end of season

But they won’t get to find that out until.

Because according to the backpage of tomorrow’s Times, the board aren’t going to make any announcement until the end of the season – and that’s sure to enrage Arsenal Fan TV’s ‘Wenger Out’ Brigade.

Wenger story on Times backpage