Wenger dig? Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho claims he is unfairly treated by the FA

Mourinho and the FA are never going to see eye to eye

Mourinho kicking the bottle last week
Mourinho kicking the bottle last week

Mourinho, the FA Bad Boy

Jose Mourinho is English football’s bad boy par excellence.

While he’ll never admit it, Mourinho clearly relishes his bad cop role, and indeed even seemed to be laying it on a bit thick last week, when he was sent off for kicking a water bottle.

That was the second time Mourinho was sent to the Old Trafford stands this season, and his career sendings off are in double figures.

So why does Jose always incur the wrath of the officials?

According to the man himself, it’s because he gets singled out and harshly treated.

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Jose thinks the FA are out to get him

Speaking to the media on Friday, Mourinho suggested that the FA do not apply the same strict rules to his peers.

Examples of Klopp and Wenger behaving similarily obstrepreously on the sideline – with impunity – were highlighted last week – was this another dig at Wenger from Mourinho?

“The only thing I would like would be the same rules for everyone,” said Mourinho.

“Let’s go back to the last one. I kicked a bottle of water. I cannot do it. If I do it, then it’s a sending off. After that, there is a punishment

“I accept that it’s a sending-off and, in fact, if you see the images when the referee comes over, I don’t say a word or make a complaint.

“I accepted the suspension of one match and it’s as simple as that. But it has to be the same for every manager. It has to be the same.”

Mourinho may have a point; on the other hand he could just stop kicking water bottles and avoid all the fuss.

(Via Mirror)

Mourinho on Mirror backpage
Mourinho on Mirror backpage