Wayne Rooney lucky to get away with potential ankle-breaker on Liverpool’s James Milner

Rooney comes on for 2nd half

Wayne Rooney was left on the bench for the start of Manchester United’s game against Liverpool, but it wasn’t long before he was thrown into the fray.

Jose Mourinho brought the United skipper on for Michael Carrick in the 2nd half, as Wazza went in search of a record-breaking goal.

But it wasn’t to be for Rooney, as he ended up contributing for all the wrong reasons.

While Rooney was involved in the equalizer, his contribution to the game could have been cut short, as he was lucky to avoid a red card.

Lucky to get away with late one on Milner

The United captain has looked slow and sluggish this season, and he showed that lack of zip as he came clumsily falling into a challenge with James Milner.

Rooney ended up stamping down on Milner with his studs, and was very lucky to escape without so much as a booking.