Wayne Rooney hit with unexpected bookmaking problem

Rooney’s problems

Wayne Rooney’s return to Everton has coincided with a rather rocky period off the pitch for the England legend. He was recently charged with drink-driving after being caught behind the wheel of a car owned by a woman he was driving home.

We don’t necessarily like to report on wholly private matters but Rooney’s personal life is bound to affect his career. Everton were expecting a committed, hard-working old boy. Rooney impressed initially but has trailed off.

Colleen Rooney blames Rooney’s former Manchester United teammate Wes Brown for his antics. The pair still remain close friends, the Mirror reports, but tend to gamble and drink when they’re out galavanting.

On top of all of this, Wayne Rooney now has a new bookmaking problem.

Put the pen down

Rooney’s bookmaking problem is that he’s been asked to stop making books. Rooney signed a £5m deal with Harper Collins in 2006 to write five books. But he’s written two so far and they didn’t exactly fly off the shelves.

My Story So Far (2006) and My Decade in the Premier League (2012) were duds. Rooney’s books were run-of-the-mill football autobiographies. It’s a shame considering how big a career Rooney has had.

Harper Collins only want one more book but that seems silly. If ever Rooney was to open up, it would be when his career is coming to an end. Perhaps his third book will reveal juicier stories and Rooney the Author will be saved.

Or maybe Rooney won’t have any interest in writing a fourth or fifth book. After all, the striker is one of the wealthiest athletes alive. Perhaps he will want to retire and get away from the media spotlight.