Watch Jamie Carragher’s extended analysis on why Chelsea are the new Arsenal

Chelsea vs Arsenal

During the halftime break on Sunday between Man City and Chelsea, Jamie Carragher called the Blues the new Arsenal.

At that time, Chelsea were already trailing 4-0 to the Sky Blues.

In the end Man City beat Maurizio Sarri’s men 6-0.

During the Sky Sports Monday Night Football show, Carragher was pushed to explain his Chelsea versus Arsenal comparison further.

Jamie Carragher’s extended analysis

Carragher has doubled down on his Arsenal and Chelsea parallel.

The pundit noted that like Arsenal, Chelsea often roll over in big games these days. Carragher said:

The reason I say that is because probably for the last five or six years when I’m watching Arsenal, they get rolled over in big games.

There’s been an 8-2, I think at Man United, there was a 5-1 at Anfield a few years ago, there was a 6-0 against Chelsea.

What we are seeing now from Chelsea is very similar. It’s not losing big games, it’s how they’re losing them.

What I saw yesterday [Sunday], you were sort of startled.

Should Chelsea sack Sarri?

Carragher, however, also got behind Sarri, arguing that Chelsea should stick with the Italian.

I would like to see them stick with him and not make this change, certainly in the middle of the season.

But unfortunately we know that these next fixtures, because of Chelsea’s history, you would imagine could be vital to whether Sarri gets the chance [to carry on].

I actually think Chelsea, and not just Chelsea but a lot of the clubs now, the top four is everything, getting into the Champions League, even sometimes more than a cup final.

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