VAR at the U20 World Cup

VAR used at the U20 World Cup for a penalty call, it went badly (Video)

VAR screw up

Most football fans have been calling for video technology to be introduced into the Beautiful Game for some time.

Decisions whether the ball have crossed the goal line are already made by computers in the Premier League, however VAR (video assistant referees) can still be implemented much more.

The U20 FIFA World Cup is currently underway in South Korea, and it’s been used as a testing ground for VAR to be used for penalty decisions.

On Sunday that happened during the Italy v Uruguay game, however the experiment went pretty badly.

So what happened?

Uruguay were awarded a penalty when the striker was hauled down in the Italian box, but before the spot-kick was allowed the ref turned to the VAR system.

It took several minutes for the VAR team to confirm it was a penalty – which is clearly far too long.

Uruguay proceeded to miss the penalty.

Watch what happened below.