Pep Guardiola vs Liverpool in 2nd leg

Usain Bolt claims Man City have been ‘lucky’ this season

A game of luck?

Manchester United fan and former Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt has claimed that Manchester City have got lucky this season.

Pep Guardiola’s side have been compared to some of the best to ever grace the pitch and have only lost a handful of games this season.

Though, they were knocked out the Champions League by Liverpool on Tuesday and their only trophy will now come in the form of the Premier League.

Now, Usain Bolt has claimed that the side got lucky at the beginning of the season and that the gap should not be so big.

“I think Man City just had some good luck and they did extremely well,” he explained.

“But as you’ve seen we beat them the other day and now Liverpool beat them twice and knocked them out of the Champions League so it’s just one of those things.

“If you get lucky early in the season, they had a good run and it worked out. So next season, we’re ready though.”

Focus on Man United

Bolt also went on to explain where Manchester United have struggled this season and what he is thinking going into next season.

“I must say we (United) started off well,” he said.

“We didn’t do so well in the middle but we’ve kept our head so far, we’ve done well, we’ve always played well against the top teams.

“It’s football, the ball is round so it’s one of those things. I think next season we’ll do better for sure, it’s not like we’re doing extremely bad.”

Bolt for United?

Now that the sprinter has restarted his footballing career and spent some time with Borussia Dortmund, he’s already targeting a move to Man United.

The Red Devils fan also explained that he was truly serious about continuing his footballing career.

“I believe in Jose and hopefully I’ll be on that team,” he jokingly added.

“I’m very serious about playing football, I’m working with Dortmund and they are really helping me to work out where I am going.

“I’m not linked to Manchester United – yet.”

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