Unbelievable Stat: Sevilla made history last weekend in Spain

Sevilla's club badge
Sevilla’s club badge

Sevilla’s incredible weekend

Spanish club Sevilla did something absolutely incredible last weekend.

Looking at the club as a whole, from the senior side to the reserves, from the youth setup to all the women’s teams, Sevilla have 22 different teams.

In an incredible achievement, all 22 teams won their matches of the weekend.

The aggregate score in the matches was Sevilla 132 -10 Opponents.

For the record, it’s the first time in the club’s history every single one of their teams have won on the same weekend.

A run-down of the results

A list of the Sevilla results are as follows:

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Friday 14th

Sevilla FC 9-2 Andalucía Este CF (4ª Andaluza Benjamín G.6 – SE / J3)
Sevilla FC 18-1 CD Cantely (3ª Andaluza Alevín G.3 – SE / J4)
Sevilla FC 18-0 CD Gelves (2ª Andaluza Benjamín G.2 – SE / J5)
CD David Castedo 3 0-10 Sevilla FC (3ª Andaluza Benjamín G.1 – SE / J4)

Saturday 15th

CD Cabecense 1-2 Sevilla FC (3ª Andaluza Alevín G.2 – SE / J4)
Sevilla FC 5-0 CD Puerto Malagueño (División de Honor Juvenil G.IV / J9)
Sevilla FC 2-0 CMD San Juan (Liga Nacional Juvenil G.XIV / J6)
Sevilla FC 7-0 Marchena Balompié (3ª Andaluza Infantil G.3 – SE / J4)
Alcalá del Río CF 2-7 Sevilla FC (3ª Andaluza Prebenjamín G.3 – SE / J4)
Sevilla FC 12-0 Fútbol Aficionado Écija (2ª Andaluza Femenina Juvenil- SE / J1)
CD Leganés 2-3 Sevilla FC (LaLiga / J8)

Sunday 16th

Sevilla FC 2-0 AD Sevilla Este (2ª Andaluza Juvenil – SE / J6)
Sevilla FC 8-0 Andalucía Este CF (3ª Andaluza Prebenjamín G.1 – SE / J4)
Sevilla FC C 4-1 UB Lebrijana (Tercera División G.X / J9)
Sevilla FC 1-0 CD Nuevo Molino (1ª Andaluza Cadete G.1 / J6)
FB La Rambla 1-3 Sevilla FC (2ª División Femenina G.IV / J7)
Sevilla FC 11-0 Brenes Balompié (3ª Andaluza Benjamín G.3 – SE / J4)
Córdoba CF 0-1 Sevilla Atlético (LaLiga 1|2|3 / J10)
Real Jaén CF 0-2 Sevilla FC (División de Honor Cadete / J6)
UD Salvador Allende 0-7 Sevilla FC (1ª Andaluza Infantil G.1 / J6)