Mings v Zlatan

Tyrone Mings reveals he was abused by Mourinho over Zlatan incident

Opening up

Bournemouth defender Tyrone Mings has opened up on that infamous incident with Zlatan Ibrahimovic last season and admitted he was abused by Jose Mourinho.

The Englishman had initially been elbowed by the Swedish forward during their game at Old Trafford.

Though, the biggest talking point came after that when Tyrone Mings was accused of stamping on Zlatan’s head after a hefty challenge.

Though, Mings has continuously denied that he meant to stamp on the player and did not mean any malice in the slightest.

Speaking exclusively to the Guardian, the player has admitted that he didn’t even realise how serious the incident was during the game.

In fact, the player only realised that something had happened when Jose Mourinho started to abuse him as he came out for the second half.

“I didn’t recognise up until half-time that it was even a big deal,” Mings explained.

“Because I hadn’t meant to do it, I didn’t feel like it would be a talking point.”

“But I realised when [José] Mourinho came over when we were coming out for the start of the second half and started giving me some abuse, saying: ‘You think you’re clever. You’re going to get an eight-match ban.’ 

Mings went on to explain that the referee actually told him as the second half was about to begin that the game that the incident will likely be investigated.

“I just brushed it off, but then the referee said something to me as the second half started, saying: ‘It will probably get reviewed.’ I said: ‘What will get reviewed?’ He said: ‘The stamp on his head.’ I was thinking: ‘I don’t need you to tell me that just as we’re about to start the second half.’

Mourinho doesn’t know when Pogba will return

While Mourinho has not had to respond to Mings’ comments, he has been speaking recently.

When he did speak to the press, he revealed that the club do not know when Paul Pogba will be back from injury.

You can find out what he had to say in full on Pogba here.