Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure rejects huge China offer, Man City star loves football not money

Yaya Toure rejects China offer

Not for the first time, Yaya Toure’s agent Dimitri Seluk is in the news.

Seluk has told the Russian press today that Yaya Toure rejected a huge offer from China, even bigger than the one Axel Witsel took to leave Zenit.

Witsel had been heavily linked with Juventus and has been chastised by many for heading to China for the big bucks.

“There are people who like money, and those who like football”

Seluk told Russian site Championat: “I do not fully agree with Witsel, with this kind of money you can give up… More important is the mentality of a footballer. There are people who like money, and those who like football.”

These are intriguing comments from Toure, who is on an enormous wage at Manchester City.

It also comes at a time when Toure can start negotiating with other clubs since his contract at Manchester City is up at the end of the season.

“There is not a single player at the level of Yaya”

Seluk adds: “For all the money in China, there is not a single player at the level of Yaya Toure… I am sure he will play at the highest level for another five years.”

For all of Seluk’s gusto, this claims are likely to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Sure, Yaya Toure has returned to the Manchester City first team and looks to be a key player going forward for Pep Guardiola.

But, Yaya left Barcelona at their peak under Guardiola for a bigger wage…

Finally, there are players at the level of Yaya Toure, such as Carlos Tevez.

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