The €1bn window: Man United’s €122m net spend, Arsenal €46.4m, Liverpool €35.7m & more

A huge thanks to the good people at @sportingintel for putting this data together.

As Sky Sports News kept on enjoying reminding people on transfer deadline day, the 2014 summer window was the highest spending window of all time.

Posting mind-bogglingly high numbers, the Premier League clubs spent more than €1 billion collectively, or £857.7 million of the Queen’s coinage. 

Taking a broad-brush look at what happened, Southampton were the big money makers in the summer as the Saints swelled their coffers by €30.7 million.

Only two other Premier League clubs made money, with Daniel Levy’s Tottenham raising their P/L by €6.5m, and Chelsea also posted a transfer profit of €800,000.

As for the big spenders, Manchester United had the biggest outlay, with a total net spend of €122 million.

Man United’s spending dwarfed their rivals by a considerable margin, as Arsenal were the second biggest net spenders at €46.4m, Liverpool paid out €35.7m, while Roberto Martinez’s Everton came in fourth shelling out €32.8 million.

Thumb over all the Premier League spending stats above.

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