Leicester still working on Adrien Silva transfer

Leicester City apparently missed the deadline to submit the necessary paperwork for the transfer of Adrien Silva by just 14 seconds, the Foxes are now working to overturn the ruling by FIFA, according to the Independent.

£22m deal

Leicester had agreed a £22m deal with Sporting Lisbon for their captain.

The deal was struck late on transfer deadline day.

The Foxes were hoping to sign Silva to replace Danny Drinkwater who left for Chelsea on the same day.

Leicester had to request an extension to complete the deal.

The deal seemingly looked complete…

14 seconds too late!

This was not the case, however. FIFA claimed that the paperwork was submitted just 14 seconds too late.

However, the Foxes remain confident that they submitted the paperwork prior to this deadline.

They are currently working with Sporting to prove they were not late and overturn the decision.

‘Technology nowhere days…’

There is a possibility that a delay in the technology caused the transfer to be delayed.

This could explain the fine margin of just 14 seconds, with it taking around that time to send an email.

This may have caused FIFA to receive the documents for the transfer late.

Danny returns

On Saturday, Leicester City host Chelsea in the Premier League.

Chelsea reunited Danny Drinkwater with the man he helped win the Foxes the league, N’Golo Kante.

The pair will return to the King Power – a place they caused so much havoc at together back in 2015/16.

Craig Shakspeare will be thoroughly disappointed that he let Drinkwater going, thinking he was getting a replacement in.

Currently, that is not the case, as of now, Silva will remain a Sporting player until at least 2018, when the Foxes may return.

Leicester fans will have to do with this name and number combo on the back for the time being…