Kyle Walker & Danny Rose

Why Kyle Walker left Spurs & is Danny Rose for sale?

Kyle Walker & Danny Rose: The two best wing backs in England?

Around December last season, there were hearty discussions held in north London over whether Kyle Walker and Danny Rose were the best wing backs in the Premier League.

Spurs had just moved to playing three at the back and Walker and Rose were phenomenal in getting up and down the wing.

The high point for Walker and Rose was the 4-0 hammering of West Brom in January. Heat maps after the game showed that the England pair were as high up the pitch as Dele Alli and Harry Kane.

Spurs really pinned teams back with these two able to dominate any opposition, as they showed at home against Chelsea in the previous Premier League game.

Then the Kyle Walker and Danny Rose partnership came to an end…

Almost as soon as everyone recognised just how good Walker and Rose were, it all came to an end.

Rose picked up a season ending injury at Sunderland in January. Kyle Walker began to lose his place in the side with Mauricio Pochettino preferring Kieran Trippier.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Kyle Walker was sold to Manchester City for what was briefly a world record transfer fee for a defender.

The speculation this summer about Danny Rose has been very quiet – until now – simply because the left sided man is injured.

Rose is due back in August, but there have been plenty of false starts with his current injury.

Graham Hunter on Kyle Walker & Danny Rose

During Rose’s absence, Ben Davies improved throughout the second half of last season in the left wing back role.

Graham Hunter, the Sky Sports pundit who also works for UEFA, has claimed on his podcast some inside information on why Kyle Walker was sold and Danny Rose’s future.

Hunter has produced some fantastic interviews over the past couple of seasons but the Scotsman’s latest podcast concentrated on transfers.

Once Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and Alvaro Morata are all discussed, Hunter has a few words about Walker and Rose.

The Spurs section of Hunter’s chat comes at just before the 36:00 mark.

“There’s a story here”

Hunter announces “there’s a story here” and cites Kyle Walker’s “bad attitude” and “professionalism”.

The Sky Sports pundit then goes on to suggest that Mauricio Pochettino has a similar view of Danny Rose as well.

Hunter does not rule out Danny Rose coming back into favour with the Argentine but suggests that Spurs may be open to sell in a future window.

Rose has generally been seen as very close to Pochettino, which means this line of thinking will come as a shock to Spurs fans.


Listen to Graham Hunter talk about Kyle Walker and Danny Rose here.


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