Tragic: Burkina Faso’s Ben Idrissa Derme dies in the middle of a game in France

RIP Ben Idrissa Derme
RIP Ben Idrissa Derme

RIP Ben Idrissa Derme

An incredibly sad episode unfolded over the weekend in France, as 34-year-old centre-half Ben Idrissa Derme died in the middle of a match.

Ben Idrissa Derme is a former Burkina Faso international.

He’s previously played for the likes of CA Bastia in France.

Ben Idrissa was played for Corsican amateur side called AJ Biguglia when he died.

What happened

Playing in the Coupe de France against a side called Furiani, the defender collapsed in the middle of the game, and he never woke up.

He died at the football stadium.

According to reports, the footballer suffered a heart attack in the final stages of the game. Paramedics tried to resuscitate him for several minutes, however the player didn’t respond.

Bastia have taken to social media to send their condolences to Ben Idrissa Derme’s family.