Harry Kane & the Golden Boot

Tottenham told they will lose Harry Kane if they don’t do one thing

Win a trophy

Tim Sherwood has warned Tottenham Hotspur that they need to start winning trophies or risk losing their best players.

While that’s not exactly breaking news, the fact that Harry Kane has looked better than ever this season has led a fair few people to think the same thing.

He was speaking on Sky’s The Debate Show, and said: “There’s only so much loyalty someone can show.

“The only way they can keep him is to win something this year. That something might not be the Carabao Cup, it might have to be the league or the FA Cup.

“Tottenham have been a great club for Harry and he’s been paying them back ten-fold.

“He’s been outstanding over the last couple of seasons, he grew up a stone’s throw from the ground and the kid loves the club.

“But that only lasts a certain amount of time. Then he starts seeing the pound signs and sees the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid or – dare I say it – Manchester United – and then your head gets turned.”

Top player

Kane is certainly someone who has been making headlines for his goalscoring exploits, and there’s no denying that he’s up there with the very best.

The fact that Kane was called a one season wonder during the first couple of years of his career certainly makes those claims look flawed in the extreme.

As Spurs fans will know, the best players in the world always want to win the biggest trophies, and while Kane might be loyal to Spurs at the minute, but it could well be the fact that he does leave should the club fail to show progression in their new stadium, and don’t manage to challenge for the best trophies in the next couple of years.

Real Madrid have been tentatively linked with the player, but the top clubs in England will also have an eye on Kane’s progress, and it might not be too long before a serious offer comes his way.