The secret behind Tottenham star Harry Kane’s incredible 2017 form

Tottenham and England centre-forward Harry Kane has revealed that a new diet regime has done wonders for his work both on and off the pitch this year.

On fire

As has been widely covered in the media over recent weeks, Kane’s form in 2017, particularly last month, has been a sight to behold.

The 24-year-old notched a remarkable 13 goals across all competitions in September, and has now racked up 27 Premier League goals since the start of the year.

This is just 9 short of Alan Shearer’s record of 36, with Kane showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

He also grabbed the only goal of the game as England downed Slovenia at Wembley on Thursday night, securing a guaranteed spot for the Three Lions at next summer’s World Cup.

Secret weapon

Speaking in an interview with the Independent this week, Kane revealed that a new diet plan, started by he and his wife at the turn of the year, has opened his eyes to the importance of nutrition, and, in the process, led to improvements in his performances on the pitch:

‘I started doing it on 1 January, a new year’s resolution. I met the guy in December. I don’t know what made me go for it. We had a baby on the way, we knew that would take up a lot of time. I was cooking, my missus was cooking, the food was getting boring.’

‘I had a guy come round and explained what you could do, eating the right food at the right times. It blew me away a bit. I’d never looked too much into it, but he explained what the body does and how he could help me recover. He helped me in the recovery from the injury, with foods I was eating.’  (The injury Kane is referring to was an ankle ligament problem he picked up in March, which was originally expected to keep him out for 6 to 8 weeks. However, he recovered in just 4.)

‘He is there every day, Monday to Saturday, and leaves it in the fridge for Sunday. I hardly ever see him because I’m at training, but he’ll cook the food and leave it in the fridge. We’ve got a good plan going and it seems to be working. You could eat healthily all week and then carbs before a game, and that could make your body go into shock because you’re not used to it. So maybe eat higher carbs sometimes, lower other times, making plans around training.’

Little gains

Kane continued:

‘When you’re playing Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday there’s not a lot of time to train. So it’s about making those little gains in other ways: ice baths, stretching, nutrition. That keeps as you as fresh as you can be. It’s a big part of football nowadays.’

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