Tottenham Hotspur boss explains secret behind £5000 dinner tab

Team morale

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has explained why he took the whole of the coaching staff and the players out for a meal and some drinks – and ended up footing a £5,000 bill.

The gaffer said it was all about team spirit, and was important to make sure that the club were bonding off the field, and making sure that the happiness and team spirit would translate on to it.

Poch also made a lighthearted joke about the amount of money he spent, and what he now expects from the team!

The Express claim he said: “We had a dinner in a restaurant in London with all the staff and players.

“I invited them, so of course, I paid the bill at the end! When I pay, I pay good! Good restaurant, good food, good wine.

“We had steak from Spain and Australia but Argentine wine, which is the best!

“Going out for dinner creates links between them, emotions.

“And when you must fight in a competition, there’s willingness to help more your teammates and care more for your teammates.

“And care more for the gaffer that pays the bill!”

“It is important because would you prefer to say, ‘Tactical meeting here in the morning,’ or would you prefer to go out the night before and put all the staff, the players and the chairman too in a restaurant.

“We always try to find the way to stay together away from the training ground because it is so different. But it is so difficult because here in England, it’s difficult to find a day or night altogether.

“It’s such a busy schedule that we have, we play every 2-3 days and then all are away for international break.”

Kane scoring again

One thing Spurs can be pleased about so far this season is the fact that Harry Kane is scoring once again, and after his usual dry spell in August, the rest of the season is easy for him.

There are of course teething issues since leaving White Hart Lane, but in the Champions League and the Carabo Cup at least, Spurs are going strongly.