Toronto FC vs DC United called off minutes before kick off amid reports of positive Covid-19 results

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Toronto FC vs DC United called off minutes before kick off

In a major blow to American sports at large, and the MLS specifically, Sunday’s match between Toronto FC and DC United has been postponed minutes before the game was supposed to start.

With less than 20 minutes to go before kick off, reports spread on social media that the game had to be scrapped.

To be clear, the teams had already posted their line ups on social media.


Reports of positive Covid-19 results

Why was the Toronto FC vs DC United called off?

Reports on social media claimed that the match was binned after the discovery of a positive Covid-19 test.

The Athletic’s Matt Pyzdrowski reported that “each team had a player test positive for COVID overnight”.

Moreover, Matt Pyzdrowski revealed that while DC United were already in the locker room before the game, Toronto FC refused to play.

Why the MLS said Toronto FC vs DC United was called off

The MLS issued the following statement explaining why the Toronto FC vs DC United game was called off:

Under the league’s health and safety protocols, clubs are tested the day before each match.

The results of yesterday’s tests for D.C. United and Toronto FC produced an initial unconfirmed positive COVID-19 case for one player and an inconclusive test for another player.

Because of the arrival time of the clubs in Orlando, the league’s protocol called for retesting both teams this morning and to await the results of those tests prior to playing the match.


Which player turned up the positive Covid-19 result?

The Washington Post’s Steven Goff has suggested that DC United’s Estonian forward Erik Sorga could have tested positive.

He’s reported that “Erik Sorga was not on the game-day roster, despite not being injured.”

The MLS has only just restarted

News of a positive Covid-19 test comes days after the MLS restarted their action.

Last week the MLS began the ‘MLS is Back’ tournament, which is a month-long competition that’s being staged in Orlando, Florida.

In total, 54 matches were scheduled for this competition.

However, even before the first match, teams were reporting positive Covid-19 results. As reported in the Guardian:

FC Dallas had only checked in when it emerged six of their players had tested positive for Covid-19.

Later in the same day, a further three (and one coach) also tested positive with the Texan side ultimately withdrawn from the tournament just two days before its kick off.

The Columbus Crew also registered a positive test upon arrival in Orlando, with a number of teams also delaying their journey due to positive tests. 

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