Tony Pulis: Arsenal have a better squad than Chelsea (video)

Arsenal 1 – West Brom 0

Why does Tony Pulis always stand up during his press conferences?

That answer might have to wait for another time, but once again the West Brom boss stood up after his side had lost 1-0 at Arsenal on Boxing Day.

A late Olivier Giroud goal, four minutes from time, secured the Arsenal win, after West Brom had put up a fine rearguard action throughout the 90 minutes.

“Arsenal have a better squad than Chelsea”

During his post match presser, Pulis summed up the game, explaining how Olivier Giroud was the difference between the two teams.

And, how he felt the defeat at Arsenal was very similar to the one West Brom suffered at Chelsea earlier in the month.

Towards the end of the video below, Pulis was asked to compare Arsenal and Premier League leaders Chelsea.

“Chelsea will spend”

Pulis: “Arsenal have got a stronger squad, if you look at the players not playing, or not in the team today, and then you look at Chelsea, Arsenal have definitely got the stronger squad.”

The West Brom boss continued: “So, they’ve [Arsenal] probably got the most staying power to see them through. It will be interesting to see what Chelsea will do [in January] I think Chelsea will spend, I don’t think your man [Antonio Conte] will sit back, he will invest. So it will be an interesting window for the top four or five clubs.”

At the very end of the video, Pulis goes into greater depth about the Olivier Giroud winner for Arsenal.