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Tim Howard wins quote of the year after crazy event in USA game

What even

Tim Howard has come out with one of the most unexpected and incredible quotes you will see after Jozy Altidore was bitten and had his nipple twisted.

The event happened during the USA’s international match against El Salvador in which the forward was bitten and had his nipple bizarrely twisted.

He clearly wasn’t very happy and there has been much made of the altercation on Thursday following the events.

Now, Tim Howard, former Everton star has come out with a quote that you just never expected to hear in modern football.

“You can’t go around biting people,” he explained.

“That’s crazy, nipple twisting should be allowed, but the biting is no good”.

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Twitter reacted brilliantly to the quote and it is safe to say it will not be going away anytime soon.

Watch it here

You can see the incident involving Jozy Altidore here.

The forwards girlfriend later responded amazingly too, and she was not happy with the incident.

“My girl is mad at me. She’s like ‘Only I can bite u, only I can grab your nipples.”