Thierry Henry defends under fire Zidane after Clasico defeat

Back him 

Zinedine Zidane may have come under increasing pressure following the loss to Barcelona in El Clasico, but there’s one man who has come out and defended him.

Sky Sports pundit and former striker Thierry Henry thinks that even talk of Zidane losing his job is laughable given what he’s won since taking over at Madrid – and that he’s changed the way the club play for the better, and needs to be given far more credit for that.

“I like to bring it back to when he arrived,” Henry said on Sky Sports.

“He did something that Rafa Benitez had tried to do, to play Casemiro, and the fans allowed him to do it.

“At the beginning, they were not playing the way Real Madrid fans wanted to see them play, but they were winning games. So people were saying Zizou is a great tactician because he recognised that the midfield needed an enforcer more than four Galacticos.

“He went on to win back-to-back Champions Leagues and everything else, and up until 45 minutes of this game, it was not bad what he was doing.

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“Today, for me, shouldn’t kill what Zizou put in place. People will tell me that he has the players, he has this and he has that, but still, Zizou did it by putting in Casemiro.

“The coach can give you a tactic and a plan, but your team need to execute it with what’s happening on the field.

“To even talk about Zizou getting the sack is comical to me with what he has done.

“Can he not have a little pause on the run that he had with his team? It goes with the job, because when you don’t perform they ask questions, but come on, he has done a tremendous job.”

Champions League

Real Madrid are of course the defending Champions League winners and if they want a chance at retaining their crown this season, they’ll have to beat PSG in the first knockout round, after failing to top their group and seeing Tottenham Hotspur do that instead – though the Premier League side didn’t do much  better with the draw, landing Juventus.

Zidane still has the backing of the players and from the majority of the fans – but as many Real Madrid managers have seen before, sometimes that’s not enough after a season without trophies.