Theo Walcott discusses his brilliant form after Arsenal 2 – Basel 0 (Video)

Walcott is on fire

Walcott celebrating his goal tonight
Walcott celebrating his goal tonight

Theo Walcott scores two against Basel

The 2016-17 Theo Walcott appears to be the player he was hyped up to be all those years ago.

Walcott has gone through several barren, forgettable years, but he now finally looks ready to deliver on his potential.

He’s looking lean and mean, and has made himself a fixture in the Arsenal lineup, with four goals in his last three games.

Explains good form post-match

Speaking to the media afterwards, Walcott explained his good form, and it sounds quite simple really: he’s just enjoying his football.

Does this mean he’d lost some love for the game in recent years? Possibly, but who cares now; as Walcott says, it’s all about looking forward.

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