The Times dedicate entire front Sports page to ‘The Wayne Rooney Problem’

Lallana and Rooney after the Slovakia win
Lallana and Rooney after the Slovakia win

Press laud Lallana

As is well known, English newspapers generally agree with each other about which stories to run on their front and backpages.

In order that no one can claim an ‘exclusive’, they often acquiesce with sharing the news with other papers.

Which is why the backpage of sports papers often look so similar after big games, as a common theme or topic has generally been agreed upon.

With that in mind, most of the Monday papers have gone with the Lallana angle on England’s win in Slovakia, focusing on the positives after England’s win in extremis over Slovakia.

The Times hone in on Rooney

But The Times didn’t see things so positively – much like most of the fans, who couldn’t believe that Sam Allardyce described Wayne Rooney’s performance as ‘excellent.’

Rather than simply cheerlead over a lucky win, the Times have instead focused on ‘the Wayne Rooney problem’, which has been the elephant in the England room for over 2 years now.

The Times have dedicated their entire front sports page to Rooney, using a huge picture of the England captain, along with the headline,

‘New Boss, Old Problem.’

Rooney 'Problem' on Times Sport front page
Rooney ‘Problem’ on Times Sport front page