This terrible Alexis Sanchez stat could be part of Arsenal’s problems

Worst Passer

Alexis Sanchez might be the best player Arsenal have, and someone they are desperate to keep at the club, but it seems even he isn’t quite perfect.

That’s because of his awful pass record – which is the worst of any player at the club.

Shocking really, and not something you’d expect, but it turns out Alexis has quite a bit of trouble finding his man.

Francis Coquelin has the highest pass completion percentage, with 88.10%, and is followed by Laurent Koscielny, with 87.30% – and even Mesut Ozil manages to get in the 80s, with 86.30%, completing the top three.

The bottom three are Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (78%), Theo Walcott (75.30%) and finally, rock bottom Alexis, with 74.10%.

Contract disputes

The player is currently ‘holding Arsenal to ransom’ over a new deal, and along with Mesut Ozil, has an uncertain future. However, it seems that Alexis could be closer to signing said deal than Ozil, who appears to have a number of demands before he will actually sign anything, including the future of Arsene Wenger being guaranteed and the number ten shirt.

Fans would probably rather see Alexis stay at the club rather than counterpart Ozil, but the player will certainly have to sort his passing out!