TalkSport’s Jim White slams Spurs for silencing Man United questions, row explodes with Neil Custis

Jim White on Tottenham silencing Man United questions

The following exchange happened on the Alan Brazil breakfast show on TalkSport on Wednesday.

Alan Brazil was interviewing Sun journalist Neil Custis when Jim White, who had dropped into the studio, compared Tottenham to US President Donald Trump on TalkSport on Wednesday.

White, who hosts a daily show on the radio station as well as appearing on Sky Sports News, had a pop at Tottenham for silencing the media.

The starting point was the Tottenham press officer shutting down a reporter who wanted to ask Mauricio Pochettino about Man United rumours. The reporter was silenced.

For White, the media aren’t tough enough:

It reminded me vividly of the situation in the White House with CNN’s Jim Astoca being stopped by the Trump aide. It shouldn’t happen.

I think we’re all culpable – you, me and others. I don’t think we push hard enough to make ourselves heard at press conference. We should be dragged out kicking and screaming.

Neil Custis reacted badly to White’s comments, who immediately called them “ridiculous”.

Custis pointed out that journalists need to have a working relationship with football clubs, so acting in the way White outlined would be self-harming.


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Alan Brazil = Style icon 😂

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Jim White drops a zinger on Neil Custis

After over a minute of this back and forth, Jim White turned up the heat.

Custis accused White of suggesting that if he was in the press room, he’d ask the questions Custis was ‘afraid’ of.

White then dropped the following line:

It’s a shame Neil. You waited a month and you got it wrong again!

That rubbed Custis up the wrong way. While at the same time White left the studio to prepare for his upcoming show.

Alan Brazil tried to steer Custis into talking transfer rumours, but the Sun reporter was having none of it:

I’m not gonna continue. He’s so rude.

He just can’t cut me off like that.

He’s a coward because he’s walked away. It’s cowardly to walk away.


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It’s art, OK! Excellent Franz West sculpture exhibition, @hepworthwakefield.

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Round Two: Jim White vs Neil Custis

Eventually Custis mellowed and the show continued.

But that all stopped minutes later when, like the Kool-Aid Man, White burst into the studio for a second time:

I was walking back out. We have the small pressing matter of a show at 10 o’clock. But Neil was still clattering on about me being a coward. I didn’t hear what you shouted.

Custis jabbed back:

I wasn’t clattering on. I was trying to make a point. And you walked out in the middle of it because you didn’t want to hear the point. 

You rudely and arrogantly cut me off and walked off. That’s what I was clattering on about!


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Another from last Friday that I can now share – Neil Custis – sports journalist with the Sun is at Northern Bootcamp following his #poundsvpoints challenge with Louis van Gaal.  I was there to photograph his weigh-in with Caroline Smith, Director at Northern Bootcamp.  This was from the images I took and you can view it online here with The Sun: I spent some time on Sunday with Neil and his fellow campers up at Northern Bootcamp and  I’ll hopefully share some of those photos soon, I go back for the weigh-in at the end of the week on Friday. I have to say I think he’s doing amazingly well. #photographer #sports #sportsphotography #football #neilcustis #louisvangaal #Northernbootcamp #thesun #Northumberland

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