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Super League club insider confirms they aren’t bluffing: “This is proper, it’s happening”

Super League club insider confirms they aren’t bluffing: “This is proper, it’s happening”

The Times speak to a Super League club insider

A faceless and nameless “insider” has told the Times that the Super League is definitely going to happen.

On Tuesday, Times reporters Andrew Ellson and Tom Howard have teamed up to write an article titled: “European Super League: We’re not bluffing, say insiders as clubs sign 23-year contracts”.


So what did the insider say?

In quotes that may will shockwaves around European football, the insider confirmed that proposals for the new Super League are not intended to be a negotiating tactic aimed at getting UEFA to reform their plans to revamp the Champions League.

The killer quotes from the insider are:

There are signed agreements — 23-year contracts.

This is categorically not a bargaining chip. I can see why people might come to the conclusion but I am happy to correct it.

This is proper, it’s happening.


Real Madrid president Florentino Perez: Super League could launch this year

On Monday night, Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, who has been appointed the new chairman of the European Super League, gave an explosive interview on Spanish TV about the new competition.

Florentino Perez appeared on El Chiringuito de Jugones: a TV show which carries the reputation of being a tabloid news source.

During his interview, Perez suggested that the Super League could be launched in 2021:

If we reach an agreement with UEFA we want to start (the new league) in August, if not, we can wait a year.

Perez also insisted that stories claiming that Man City, Chelsea and Real Madrid will be kicked out of this season’s Champions League are false:

No, they won’t be expelled from Champions (League), that’s for sure.

Real Madrid won’t be, (Manchester) City won’t be, none of them will be expelled, that’s for sure. I’m completely sure of it. Not from Champions (League), not from La Liga, nothing like that.

Lots of people think the ESL is a bluff

For what it’s worth, many pundits, football writers and journalists have expressed their belief that the ESL is, in fact, just a negotiating tactic.

Alex Kay-Jelski, who is the Editor-in-chief at the Athletic UK, posted the following eye-catching tweets on Monday.

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