Sunderland fan outs racist & homophobic supporter after abuse in Barnsley & Bristol Rovers games

Sunderland & the impact of Raheem Sterling’s abuse

The impact of the racism directed at Man City’s Raheem Sterling last weekend at Chelsea seems to be having an impact.

Chelsea have suspended four supporters for their abuse towards Sterling.

Will these fans receiving life time bans?

On Saturday, following Sunderland’s 2-1 win over Bristol Rovers, another story has broken about abuse in English football.

One supporter has taken to social media to reveal his observations of racism and homophobia at the Stadium of Light.

Barnsley & Bristol Rovers

Sunderland supporter Tom Albrighton ‏has revealed his story of encountering appalling behaviour from a “young lad” at two recent home matches.

The boy and his family appear to be season tickets holders at the Stadium of Light.

Things kicked off in a match against Barnsley.

Sunderland’s centre forward this season is often 19-year-old Josh Maja.

According to the report, after Maja missed a good chance against Barnsley, this ‘young lad’ called his own player a “black c***”.

Tom Albrighton admits that while he was offended, he said nothing.

On Saturday against Bristol Rovers things kicked off again why the “whiney” lad was “having a right go at Maja”.

This time Tom Albrighton stepped in, and a back-and-forth ended with the young Sunderland fan calling Tom Albrighton a “f***** faggot”.

At this point the lad’s dad also “started fighting his son’s battles”.

In his conclusions, Tom Albrighton states that the time is over for football fans to sit by as abuse is heard in the terraces. He wrote:

We won’t hear it anymore. Next time you want to hurl abuse, you’ll be reported to the nearest steward.

Social media reaction

Also see: Chelsea knew about their racist fan five years ago after Man United & Fernando Torres abuse.

Days after Man City & Raheem Sterling, Chelsea fans hold a flag with Nazi symbols in Hungary.

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