Is Sunderland boss David Moyes getting his relegation excuses in early?

David Moyes at Sunderland press conference
David Moyes at Sunderland press conference

Sunderland on course for relegation

Sunderland look set to continue their yo-yo tradition this year by suffering the ignominy of yet another relegation from the Premier League.

The Black Cats have been up and down between the Premier League and Championship more times than you could count, and barring a miraculous escape, they look likely to be playing in the Championship next season.

That said, they have showed an upturn in form and results of late, and their two recent wins have taken them to within 1 point of 19th placed Hull City.

David Moyes has cut a forlorn figure for most of the season, but he’s been reinvigorated by the recent wins, and has laughed off talk of walking away or getting the sack.

But his quotes on the eve of this weekend’s game against Watford seem ill-timed, and could be construed as him getting his relegation excuses in early.

Moyes wouldn’t have come had he known of cash restraints

Because Moyes has suddenly come out with a lamentation of the lack of funds available to him, after being told that there will be very little allocated to him for the January window.

Sitting on the bottom of the table, Moyes would ideally have liked to bring in some new recruits to energize the squad, but that now looks unlikely to happen.

And Moyes says that had he known this beforehand, he may not have taken the job.

Managing Sunderland always had an appeal to me but, if I’d known about the financial situation, I’d have needed to look at it in a different way.

“I’d have had to have thought a lot more about taking the job. I didn’t see us having no money in January. I’m disappointed I won’t be able to do some work in January and build on what we’ve done so far.”

It’s a bigger challenge than I thought because of the situation the club are in and the situation I’ve been put in. “It’s a bigger job than I expected. I didn’t know the club could be going up for sale. I wasn’t made aware of it before.

“That would probably be what I’d say is the difficulty. I knew what we were spending in the summer was small in comparison to other clubs – and I said that to the owner but I didn’t see us having no money now. I hoped we’d get things done in January but that has shown itself not to be the case. But I’m going to move on. I’ve dealt with it in my head and we’re getting on with it.

(Via Guardian)