Sun claim ‘Cristiano Ronaldo cheated on Georgina Rodriguez with a model’

Cristiano Ronaldo & Natacha Sofia

‘Cristiano Ronaldo cheated on Georgina Rodriguez’

The main story on the Sun’s website on Sunday centres of Real Madrid and Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The headlines reads as follows: “Model Natacha Rodrigues reveals how footie ace Cristiano Ronaldo cheated on his girlfriend with her.”

In truth, the Sun have proven themselves to be a little behind the rumour mill with this story.

Natacha Rodrigues, or Natacha Sofia – as she refers to herself on Instagram – revealed her Cristiano Ronaldo story to the Iberian press a few weeks ago.

At the end of October, Portuguese magazine TV Guide put a picture of the Real Madrid star on their front cover, claiming he cheated on his pregnant girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

Ronaldo was accused of being unfaithful following a night with Natacha Sofia: a 21-year-old Portuguese celeb who became famous on a local reality TV show called “Love on Top”.

It was reported that Natacha Sofia spent one night with Ronaldo after she slipped into the Madrid star’s DMs on Instagram.

Natacha Sofia claims she spent an “intense” night with Ronaldo in a hotel. She claims to have enjoyed “hot sex with the best in the world”.

After the hook-up, Ronaldo reportedly gave Natacha 300 euros for a cab ride home.

Cristiano Ronaldo & Natacha Rodrigues

The Sun have now prised a series of fresh quotes from Natacha Sofia on her alleged involved with Ronaldo.

The model has told her side of the story as follows:

I knew he had a girlfriend but we became friends, there was trust between us, a bond.

Our night together was special.

But afterwards I told him I was going on a Portuguese reality show and he told me not to do it. By the time I came out he’d blocked me.

Now I think he just used me for sex. I don’t have regrets because being with him was like a dream come true but I feel betrayed.

It was when I sent him a video of me twerking in my underwear that he said he wanted to see me in person. Cristiano always made it clear he liked my body.

He told me he loved my bum and wanted to see it personally.

Natacha Sofia’s Instagram