Sun stitch up Arsenal’s Aubameyang for ‘trying to hit Martina Wechsung with his gold Lamborghini’

The Sun vs Arsenal’s Aubameyang

He’s been in England less than one week, and already Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is headline news for the Sunday Sun for all the wrong reasons.

The Sun have sought to stitch up Aubameyang this weekend by painting the Arsenal striker as something of a would-be killer.

Dredging up a one-sided story from years ago, the Sun report on how Aubameyang almost ran over a woman called Martina Wechsung.

The way the story is dressed up in the tabloid, it feels like Aubameyang is accused of intentionally trying to run her over.

To be clear, Aubameyang wasn’t charged with any wrongdoing.

The Sun acknowledge that, noting that “the investigation was dropped”. Yet the red-top have no problems staining Aubameyang’s character by recycling a story which could have resulted in a five year jail sentence.

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Aubameyang ‘tried to hit Martina Wechsung with his gold Lamborghini’

So what’s the story?

The Sun tell their readers the following:

Arsenal’s record £55 million signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was investigated by cops for trying hit a PR woman with his gold Lamborghini.

Aubameyang was also accused of branding her a ‘whore’ and a ‘gold digger’ on Facebook.

She alleges the player seemed to go crazy at the wheel of his £250,000 Aventador and ended up driving close to her at speed.

So, to be clear, the Sun’s whole story boils down to a woman’s claim that Aubameyang tried to injure her, even though he didn’t.

And, any investigation into the matter is over.

So why have the Sun reported this story? Is it just to try to damage Aubameyang’s reputation?

The Sun: Arsenal’s Aubameyang ‘tried to hit Martina Wechsung’

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