The story of a 2-day party at Ronaldinho’s house hosted by an ex-Man City striker

Two-day party at Ronaldinho’s house

ESPN Brasil have published an excellent interview with a lessor-known Brazilian footballer this week called Lukian.

Lukian is a 25-year-old striker, who recently moved to a new club, Busan IPark, in South Korea.

Back in the day, when he was still playing his club football in Brazil, Lukian managed to get an invite to a party at Ronaldinho’s house.

During his interview with ESPN, Lukian has revealed some of the details from the two-day party at Ronaldinho’s house.

So what happened?

Lukian revealed that he was friends with a Brazilian band called The Morenos, and they received an invite to the gathering at Ronaldinho’s property.

In fact, the party was organised by former Man City striker Jo, who was back in Brazil at the time during a vacation away from the Sky Blues.

Lukian recalled that when he arrived at the party, Ronaldinho wasn’t even in his own home. Nevertheless, his house “was already packed with his friends”.

He remembered how his mobile phone died at around midnight, which meant he wanted to leave.

But just as he was about to bounce, Jo called everyone together to reveal how he’d order 40 meals from McDonald’s for everyone to enjoy.

Lukian then recounted what Jo said to him about the get-together:

I’ve been here for two days and this party is not over!