West Ham

Sporting Lisbon to report West Ham to FIFA as Carvalho saga continues

War of words

Sporting Lisbon will report West Ham to FIFA over an illegal William Carvalho approach as well as the illegal pursuit of the player.

It all began when West Ham looked to sign the midfielder in the summer transfer window but ran into several difficulties over the deal.

There were suggestions from the Sporting side that there was actually no bid ever submitted for Carvalho but emails leaked by Sky Sports show that not to be the case.

West Ham maintained they had made a bid and Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho then hit out and West Ham, calling David Gold and Ronnie Sullivan ‘the dildo brothers’.

That certainly didn’t help the silent war between West Ham and Sporting as the Hammers looked to take the president to court following the remark.

Now, Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho has revealed they looking to report West Ham to FIFA over a potential illegal approach for their player in Carvalho.

In the BBC’s article, it has also been claimed that the president has warned West Ham that they will pay for the trouble they have caused.

“West Ham sent a lot of agents,” explained Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho.

“They never sent a proposal.”

“It is very bad for our image and he needs to understand he will pay for this.”

“He has damaged the name of a club that is 111 years old.”

West Ham have supposedly refuted the comments and have explained they are simply “attention seeking”.

Released emails

On Wednesday evening the emails confirming a suspected bid were released by Sky Sports, likely leaked by West Ham.

The emails confirmed discussions and also confirmed how much West Ham were willing to pay for the player.

You can find out all the details from the emails here.