Sport sully Gareth Bale with preposterous story about Real Madrid mutiny against Welshman

Bale and Zidane during Celta Vigo game
Bale and Zidane during Celta Vigo game

Sport sully Gareth Bale

It hasn’t taken long for the Spanish press to reopen hostilities, in the perpetual battle for supremacy between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Both of Spain’s big two clubs benefit from a highly partisan press, with two papers (AS and Marca for Madrid, Sport and MD for Barca) who act as their mouthpieces and propaganda vehicles.

Not only do they rally behind their teams, but they also throw mud in the other direction, inventing and embellishing stories to make the other side look bad.

And Barcelona-based Sport have really gone for it with this preposterous story about Gareth Bale.

They claim that Wales’ run to the Euro 2016 semi-final has gone to Bale’s head, and that the big players in the dressing room aren’t impressed with his haughty , cocky attitude and ‘airs of granduer.’

Sport claim that Bale has become so cocksure that he walked into Florentino Perez’s office and requested a contract renewal worth 17m euros a season, which would make him the best player at the club.

Bale more popular than ever

This is really poor stuff from Sport.

If anything, Bale isn’t cocky enough: his problem at Madrid has been his shyness and timidity when surrounded by big stars like Ronaldo, to whom he has generally deferred.

And it’s generally known that Bale has never been more popular within the dressing room; his Spanish has greatly improved, and Alvaro Morata recently said he was a good friend on Spanish radio.