Spain defender Gerard Pique hits back at accusations he stuck middle finger up at camera

pique middle finger vs croatia, june 2016
pique middle finger vs croatia, june 2016

Pique’s defence

Spain defender Gerard Pique has hit back at allegations that he stuck his middle finger up at a camera. Images and footage of Pique sticking his finger up during the national anthem swept the internet on Tuesday night.

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But the Barcelona defender has refuted such claims. He took to Twitter to clarify that he was simply cracking his knuckles. He wrote: “I was cracking my fingers during the anthem. Let us seek not seek controversy where there is none and try to win the European Championship together.”

Catalan allegiance

Pique, the scorer of Spain’s winner in the first group game with the Czech Republic, is a divisive figure among fans of the national team. Their loyalties usually lie with either Real Madrid or Barcelona. If it’s with the former then they are not fans of Pique. This is because of his political allegiances.

His championing of Catalan independence has irritated the patriotic legion of Spain fans.