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Southampton defender Jose Fonte seems convinced Mike Dean is a Spurs fan

Triple Punishment lives

Mike Dean was at the centre of controversy (just up the road from the mysterious musical hall) last night during Tottenham’s 4-1 win over Southampton in the Premier League. Spurs were 2-1 up when Dean pointed to the spot for a penalty. Nathan Redmond was adjudged to have fouled Dele Alli. It seemed like a reasonable enough decision but the dismissal that followed was hard to understand. Didn’t they scrap the triple punishment rule?

Mike Dean stats

Statistics did the rounds on social media after the game showing Dean’s bias towards Spurs. In the last seven Spurs matches he’s reffed, Spurs have won six and drawn one. They’ve been given five penalties and had three opponents sent off. Now could these stats simply show how much Spurs have improved over the last two years?

A large section of supporters said no – and Jose Fonte’s Instagram activity appears to show him agreeing with them. Commenting under a video of Dean’s suspicious Spurs reffing, he left an emoji of a worried-looking face.

Watch the video below and see Fonte’s comment in the screenshot underneath.

Watch this and tell me Mike Dean isn’t a Spurs fan

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