Valencia’s Aymen Abdennour posts pictures on Instagram of injuries sustained from marking Luis Suarez

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The social media war in La Liga, does not only extend to Real Madrid and Barcelona.

See: Real Madrid legend Guti Trolls Barcelona & Gerard Pique on Twitter.

Valencia bagged a 1-1 draw with Barcelona on Saturday evening, thanks to a late equaliser by Santi Mina.

Luis Suarez had given Barcelona the lead, from a Leo Messi assist to continue his excellent scoring run of late.

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For Suarez, this goal was vindication after it appeared that Valencia had tried to wind up the Uruguayan for much of the game.

It is not known whether this was a ploy suggested by interim Valencia coach Phil Neville, or perhaps incoming manager Gary Neville, but this certainly seemed like a tactic from Valencia.

Early on in the game, many felt Luis Suarez should have been sent off for a stamp on Aymen Abdennour – see picture above.

And, after the La Liga match, the Valencia defender posted pictures on Instagram of the injuries – mainly scratches and cuts from playing against Luis Suarez.

Abdennour simply tagged the picture: “#suarez”.

Whilst many of the comments on Instagram label Abdennour a “pussy” or “baby” (see below), you have to wonder about what Luis Suarez gets up to off the ball when you see this.


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