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Tottenham fans should be angry with Joe Lewis, not Daniel Levy – Gabriele Marcotti

Tottenham’s zero signings

There’s just three days remaining in the summer transfer window.

The fact remains that Tottenham are the only club in the Premier League yet to make a new signing.

Should Spurs fans be surprised?

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is notorious for leaving his business until the final days of the window.

Joe Lewis vs Daniel Levy

On Monday, the latest edition of the Game Podcast from the Times was released.

In it, journalist Gabriele Marcotti decided to weigh in on Tottenham’s inactivity in the transfer market.

The usual narrative when it comes to discussing Tottenham transfers is to place all the analysis, and blame, at Daniel Levy’s door.

But Marcotti isn’t convinced by that. Instead, the pundit has tried to turn attention onto the actual owner of Spurs: The elusive billionaire Joe Lewis.

Gabriele Marcotti on Spurs

Gabriele Marcotti went on the following rant on the podcast:

I don’t know if people know that Daniel Levy doesn’t actually own Tottenham. He operates Tottenham on behalf of someone else.

In the spirit of the new season and putting the boot into the powerful, especially the ones who always seem to get away with a pass…

There’s a man called Joe Lewis. He owns Tottenham. He’s a billionaire. He’s a tax exile. He’s a self-made billionaire who made his money in Britain, benefitting from the education and the government spending and everything in Britain.

What did he do? He busted the pound and the ERM along with George Soros in the early 1990s. And now he lives as a tax exile so he doesnt have to give money back to the country that enabled him to go and make all his money.

Daniel Levy is an employee of the club… People should move beyond Levy, and look at the guy who actually, ultimately owns the football club.

Listen to the full attack on Tottenham’s Joe Lewis after 21 minutes on the audio unit below.

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