Sead Kolasinac celebrates v Arsenal

Why Sead Kolasinac wasn’t sent off for Arsenal vs Brighton

Sead Kolasinac vs Ezequiel Schelotto

Football fans everywhere were scratching their heads on Sunday during the Brighton vs Arsenal game.

Everyone, save for the match officials, believed that Arsenal should have been reduced to 10-men.

The man at the centre of the action was Arsenal’s Sead Kolasinac.

Kolasinac was already on a yellow card before he took out Brighton’s Ezequiel Schelotto with what seemed an obvious shoulder barge.

Sead Kolasinac vs Ezequiel Schelotto (1)

Such was the force of Kolasinac’s collision, Schelotto took several minutes to get back on his feet.

Eventually a dazed Schelotto walked off the pitch.

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Why Kolasinac wasn’t set off for Arsenal vs Brighton

After it became clear that Schelotto would be OK, all eyes turned to how ref Stuart Attwell would deal with Kolasinac.

To be clear, Attwell had a perfect view of the incident with Schelotto.

The referee’s assistant also had a perfect view of the foul.

Sead Kolasinac vs Ezequiel Schelotto (2)

So they produced a second yellow, right? No, they did absolutely nothing!

How was that even possible?

Fans turned to social media to try to explain how such a screw-up happened.

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