Petr Cech

Petr Cech is a class act: Ryan Mason’s incredible story about Arsenal keeper

Ryan Mason’s incredible Petr Cech story

Ryan Mason has appeared on TalkSport this week and told a highly commendable story about Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech.

The Hull midfielder has not played for his club since picking up a severe head injury in a Premier League match with Chelsea last January.

In recent days, Mason has been doing media work and was effusive in his praise for Cech on TalkSport.

“I can’t speak highly enough of him, as a person, as a man”

Mason reveals that Cech contacted his family as soon as the incident happened.

Cech had to deal with his own head injury, in 2006 whilst playing for Chelsea at Reading, which is why he still wears a brace for every match.

Mason explains to Jim White on the video below that Cech helped him get through some tough times.

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These included not being able to talk properly and struggling to deal with light.

“Cech talks to Mason for an hour and a half”

The former Spurs midfielder then continues to reveal how Cech visited him at his home.

Due to his head injury, Mason could not speak for longer than 10 minutes and Cech came over and spoke himself for an hour and a half.

Mason describes Cech as “brilliant” and “fantastic” and the pair are still in contact as the Hull midfielder continues to recover from the injury.

The emotional TalkSport video can be seen below.

When will Ryan Mason return to playing?

Also in the interview on TalkSport, Mason explains how he had 14 metal plates and 42 staples inserted into his skull after the injury.

Mason did not put a date on his playing return.

But, Mason says: “I will wear some kind of head protection. I won’t be silly but I’m always going to be a player who will head the ball. My best years, I feel, are still to come. Anyone who knew me at Spurs knows I was a late developer and I still think I’ve got another ten years in the game. I’m waiting for the final chapter now — when I get back on the pitch.”

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