Chelsea's new stadium

People are laughing at the design of Chelsea’s new stadium

Chelsea’s new stadium

Wednesday was an important day for Chelsea Football Club.

In a move preparing the Blues for the future, Chelsea have been given the go-ahead to rebuild Stamford Bridge in plans that would expand the ground’s capacity to 60,000 seats.

Chelsea’s ground currently has a 41,600 capacity.

The cost of the rebuild is set to be around £500 million.

During the rebuild, Chelsea may have to find a new home on a temporary basis. The two likeliest options for Chelsea could be moves to Wembley Stadium or alternatively to Twickenham.

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People are laughing

But what of the design for Chelsea’s new Stamford Bridge stadium.

Some people have made jokes about the design, which some have compared to a food dicer and others to a slinky.

The best jokes at the design of Chelsea’s new stadium are below.

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